The Social Contract for Future Syria

Focused discussion sessions on the administrative system in the State and its impact on the social contract in northern Syria.

Within the scope of the track entitled: “The Social Contract for Future Syria”, and in collaboration with the political forums that have been recently established in the northern countryside of Aleppo (Azaz, Marea, al-Bab, and Jarablus), the Stabilization Support Unit (SSU) held focused discussion sessions in those areas to address/discuss the administrative system in the State and its impact on the social contract.
The session targeted civil activists and bodies/institutions, representatives of CSOs, and women leaders.

Discussions took place about many themes and concepts, the most important of which were centralization, decentralization, and the impact of the administrative system adopted in Syria in the past on the social contract and the administration of public utilities and institutions.

The centralized and decentralized administrative system is considered an important issue in Syria’s future. Administrative systems that allow for the genuine participation of the society in the management of its public affairs at the level of local bodies and communities are among the most important means that contribute to raising awareness of the citizens, developing them politically and socially, and promoting their democratic practices.

The Stabilization Support Unit has contributed to the formation of political forums in northern Syria with the aim of creating a safe environment that respects diversity in all its forms in order to build the State of citizenship and law for the Syrians. Therefore, periodical political, cultural and social meetings are held in the presence and participation of all active bodies and gatherings.

These forums aim at: establishing an umbrella platform for all groups interested in the political work – preparing political and cultural cadres to provide the Syrian institutions with them – communicating with all the Syrian components and opening dialog channels among them – coordinating with official, unofficial and academic bodies to allow for the exercise of political action based on dialog and respect for the other.

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