A technical committee, established/formed on November 24th, 2015 after consultations with the countries that support the Syrian people and interested in fighting the ISIS in order to respond quickly to the newly liberated areas in order to support stability and the return of the displaced

Since December 2015, the Stabilization Committee (SC) has been serving as the focal point and coordination mechanism to allow key stakeholders (government representatives, donors, and implementers) to better plan and implement humanitarian and civilian governance assistance to the liberated areas of Aleppo. The SC has always been flexible in reshaping and revising its scope of work (SOW) to meet the needs of the constantly changing dynamics in these areas. To conduct its activities, the committee relies on seven specialized sections (finance – studies and research – engineering and projects – administrative and legal issues – media – empowerment of women – capacity building and training).


  • Support the restoration of stability in liberated areas
  • Support the return of displaced persons to their areas
  • Maintain the administrative structure of the region and improve the administrative conditions/reality
  • Building the Legitimacy of Local Councils
  • Fighting terrorism and extremism

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