Social Coexistence in Manbij

‘’Visions and recommendations of the people of Manbij about the future of their city in terms of society and its relationship with the political solution’’ In the last ten years, the Syrian people have experienced great sufferings. Their sufferings have started after the revolution in which all the sects and (ethnic, religious) components of the … Continue reading Social Coexistence in Manbij

Manbij | The Quest for Stability – Ankara

On 11th April 2019, Thursday at 2 PM, (at SETA Foundation in Ankara) the Stabilization Committee and SETA Foundation (The Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research) have held a panel entitled ‘’Manbij | The Quest for Stability’’ in order to present ‘’Manbij Stabilization Plan’’ and discuss it in a session which is attended by many governmental representatives and … Continue reading Manbij | The Quest for Stability – Ankara