?Who We Are

The Stabilization Support Unit (SSU) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. It was established in 2018 and works to promote stability in Syria at all levels (social – public services – humanitarian – security – political) through public services, governance, peacebuilding and the promotion of democracy projects.

: Vision

Reaching to democratic Syria in which justice ·and peace prevail among all its people. The State (Syria) that has an effective civil society, equality and equal opportunities

Core Values and Principles:

Public Interest
Professionalism and Efficiency
Participation and partnership
Transparency and Credibility


Working and contributing to achieving stability in Syria

Supporting the political solution/transition process and building sustainable social peace

Empowering all the segments of society – the women and youth in general and the marginalized groups in specific.

Building the capacities of local councils and administrations.

SSU’s activities included the following (but not limited to them):

Public Service projects:

Providing services to war-affected areas through 46 public service and infrastructure projects that included the provision of equipment and operational expenses for areas in northern Aleppo through the local councils, in order to improve the level of public services (waste management, water pumping and etc..), build the legitimacy of local councils and to combat terrorism and the impacts left by of ISIS on the liberated areas.

Training and development projects:

Providing trainings to 39 Local councils on administrative, financial, and institutional topics, alongside providing training trainings to media bodies and professionals, the youth, and the women.

Political projects:

Through the engagement of the local community in the political and constitutional process of Syria, by holding workshops and dialogue sessions with the participation of representatives of the Syrian political parties and different segments of the local community (local councils – CSOs – women – unions/syndicates – students – media professionals), to convey the views and aspirations of the local community regarding the constitutional process / the contents of the future constitution, the political processes related to Syria and the shape of the future Syria to stakeholders. In addition to holding raise awareness sessions about the political solution paths related to Syria and UNSC Resolution /2254/.

Peacebuilding and coexistence promotion projects

These projects, aim to promote coexistence, reduce tension between the different religious and ethnic components, establish cooperative relations among them, and encourage dialogue between the social/community components. These projects include meetings between non-political and non-military community groups/influencers from certain areas to provide them with a suitable environment for cooperation, dialogue and discussion on peace building and coexistence topics. Also detailed demographic studies about regions in the northeastern and northwestern Syria are being conducted alongside to conducting some media activities to promote the idea of coexistence and peacebuilding.

Civil Society Protection Projects:

We held many projects on community engagement and activating the role of the youth and encouraging them to hold social initiatives. To activate the role of civil society and youth in the public life through holding meetings with the participation of the local residents, the IDPs and the local authorities. Through these projects many youth teams were formed consisting of all youth groups (males, females, students, activists, local residents and IDPs) in many areas in northwestern Syria. The formed youth groups were provided with trainings and consultation meetings and they were supported to carry out initiatives/activities in their cities in partnership with many parties to achieve social cohesion.

Projects to Organize the Media Work and Protect the Media Professionals:

We have conducted several sessions and workshops between media professionals themselves and sessions and workshops between media professionals and local authorities (local councils, police, and CSOs), with the aim of enhancing the protection of journalists by increasing coordination between themselves to set mechanisms for the protection of media professionals and define the rights, and duties of all parties. We as well provided the media professionals with specialized and professional trainings to contribute to protecting them from committing mistakes that may lead to violations against them.

7-      Women support and empowerment projects:

The Stabilization Support Unit holds many projects to support and empower women politically and socially. Including TOT and media trainings, political and conflict resolution trainings, and projects on the community engagement of the women to activate her role on economic, social and political levels.