Political Novelties Regarding Syria and the Political Participation of the Youth

Political Novelties Regarding Syria and the importance of the youth’s participation in Politics
In the presence of the writer and journalist, Mr. Mahmoud Al-Wahab, and the head of the #Youth_Parliament inside Syria, Mr. Bilal Aayesh, @StabUnit held a dialog and discussion session in #Gaziantep #Turkey to address the importance of the youth’s participation in politics and raising awareness of the local community on political participation.
The session was attended by a number of politicians, journalists, representatives of CSOs, and political activists.

The session was divided into two main parts as follows:

First Part: Al-Wahab spoke about the latest political developments, including the visit of the US President to #KSA and #Israel, and the impact of this visit on the Syrian file, in addition to the visit of the Saudi Crown Prince to #Turkey, the Turkish-Gulf relations and change accrued to these relations recently and their impact on the Syrian issue.
Mr. Al-Wahab discussed with the attendees the statement made by King Abdullah II of Jordan, which included the idea of forming an Arabic NATO to confront the Iranian danger to the Arabic and Islamic region, which has increased after Russia’s withdrawal from the southern and eastern parts of Syria.

Talks took place about the impacts of the Russian-Ukrainian war on Syria after #Russia relocated much of its military assets and special forces from #Syria to #Ukraine, in addition to stopping the crossing of Russian warships from the Turkish straits in accordance with the Montreux Agreement, which will limit Russia’s ability to provide military supplies to its forces in Syria.
Second Part: Mr. Bilal Ayash spoke about the Syrian #Youth_Parliament, which has been recently formed inside Syria, and its role in consolidating efforts to strengthen the youth leadership role and participation in Politics through democratic practices.

He defined the #Youth_Parliament as a platform that represents concerns and issues of the Syrian youth regardless of their views, ethnicities, and backgrounds.
Talks took place about the importance of the youth’s role in the political affairs and mechanisms of activating the youth’s role in the political life now and in the future Syria.

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